How To Improve Search Engine Optimization?

How To Improve Search Engine Optimization?

Hello Friends,

This is my most awaited post on SEO, Search Engine Optimization. Right now if we search on Google, we can see so many websites which offers SEO Services, But the charges are very High.

Hence we avoid to opt those services.

This post has the information about the SEO for your website and good thing is that you have to pay……???? Nothing.

So the the question is how to do that?

Just apply following points on your website.

  • Website Content : Your Content has more then 100 Words.
  • H1 Tag : Your Page Should has one <h1>Tag</h1>.
  • H1 Tag length: Under 8 words.
  • Page Title: Use good page title for your each website page.
  • Flash: On your website should not be any flash file.
  • Meta Descriptions: Your Meta Descriptions should be under 155 characters.
  • Keywords: Use Quality Keywords.
  • Alt text: Each Image alt text should be updated with the related page content.
  • Social Media: Use Social Media to get more traffic on website.
  • Blogs: Update Quality Post.
  • Google Webmaster Tool: Use Google Analytic | Submit Urls | Update Links.

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